Troop 1 Trip Reports

Troop1 has an active and vibrant outdoor program. We are generally camping at least once a month. From our work on our Six Peak Climbing Series, Summer camp, preparing for our coming high adventure trip to Matagammon, to simply going on a fun destination trip we are usually going somwhere. Below you'll find some of the reports from our recent trips. The reports contain pictures of the trip plus some words from the scouts who went on the trips. Hope to see ya the next trip!


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  • MtCardigan

    mtc_th0040The Northboro Troop 1 TrailBlazers lived up to their nickname this April. We visited Mt Cardigan, a New Hampshire state park for a weekend of hiking and camping. We stayed in the camping sites near the AMC Cardigan lodge. Saturday saw some of the troop summit Mt Cardigan and FireScrew Mountain. This was a solid 5 mile loop hike that saw plenty of mud, snow and ice on the trail and a little liquid sunshine from the skies. After all, it is still "spring", aka "still winter" in New England. A SPOT Adventure was put together showing the route and a rough idea of the some of the views from trail and campsite.

    The other scouts attempted to hike to Welton Falls, but were stymied when the ice bridge they were planning on using had joined the stream it was crossing. They returned to camp to work on scout skills, TotenChit and FiremanChit. 

    It was an outstanding weekend and the scouts eagerly voiced their desire to return to the site for future hikes.

  • Bumpkin Island Trip Report

    bumpkin_th0009Troop 1 visited Bumpkin Island this July. A fun trip was had by 9 scouts and 8 adults. We toured both George's and Bumpkin Island and even had a brief hike to across the harbor! All in all, the trip was very enjoyable, and the feeling was we should make a return trip sometime in the future, perhaps camping on another of the harbor islands.

  • Treasure Valley Campout

    tv_march_0003We visited Treasure Valley in March this year. What was supposed to be an early spring camping trip was closer to a mid-winter camping trip. There was more snow on the ground than our Freezeout trip back in January! The temps were only slightly higher too. We stayed at the Hemlocks site, closer to Browning Pond, on the other side of the Waterfront. We worked on scout skills, learned some lessons about winter camping, enjoyed a short hike around the pond and generally just had fun in the woods.

  • Waterville Valley Ski Trip

    The cabins at Camp Hidden Valley in NewHampshire served as base camp for Troop 1 as we hit the slopes of Watervalley this Feburary. Eight scouts, of across all skills levels enjoyed a little late winter skiing. Patience paid off this trip. The skiing was just getting started when Waterville lost power. No power meant no moving lifts! As the other mountain goers fled the mountain, we comtemplated alternate plans as we waited for the scouts to finish their lessons. But before the could, power was restored to a now empty mountain! What we lost in skiing time we more than made up since the lift lines were non-existant. A fun pizza dinner followed in Laconia. The scouts new to skiing were proud of their new found skills.

  • Knox Trail Freeze Out

    FullMoonFeverTroop1 attended the Knox Trail Freeze Out in January. While not all time record cold, it was plenty cold enough! So much so that cooking the meals always needed to start with thawing the water first! The Troop had a big role in the Freezeout. The troop designed this years patch. We also setup and ran the orienteering course. Best of all we met some new friends from Natick. Troop 7 shared our campsite and joined us we competed in the events. It was great fun!

  • Mountain Man

    Nobscot Scout Reservation was the site of the 4th annual Mountain Man trip. This was a tenting trip this time as we stayed over in Ellisland this year. A wet and rainy weekend saw some of our scouts work on orienteering for their First Class requirements. Others simply competed the Mountain Man challenges. The evening saw the woods come alive with all manner of Zombies, fast ones, slow ones and in between.

  • Adirondack Extreme

    adex_th0023The end of fall brought us to the Adirondack Mountains and the ropes course at Adirondack Extreme. Ok, so it was closer to winter, with temps in the low twenties and high teens, frost on trees and frozen water jugs than fall, but who is counting? Thirteen scouts and three leaders had a great time challenging themselves on the five courses that Ad-Ex has to offer. The large majority of them finished all five courses too!

  • Trout Brook

    mtwashington_lh-5The Trout Brook Campout was really two events in one. Troop 1 hosted Webelos from Pack 25, 28 and 55. Some stayed the entire weekend, other just came for the day on Saturday. All seemed to have a great time. They worked on some of their activity badges, played some games, including a spirited couple of rounds of Capture The Flag, cooked their own meals and "competed" in a dessert competion. 

    The second event was Harry's Eagle Court of Honor. It was great to see everyone come out and show their support for Harry, from people from the days when he was a Cub Scout, to members of his den that he helps as Den Chief, to members of the Frontier's Camp Staff that he joined the summer of this year and all of the members of his Troop. 

  • Mt Washington Trip Report

    DSC02058This was the first hike in the second New England Mountain climbing series. Ten scouts and 7 adults set out to climb the most famous peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This being Mount Washington, and its famous weather, there were several different routes planned. The weather was, while not nice, cooperated enough that we were able to summit the mountain!

  • Summer Camp Trip Report

    tv_summercamp-28The Troop returned to the High Mesa site at Treasure Valley for Summer Camp. Twentyone scouts spent a week swimmng, boating, hiking, earning merit badges and having a whole lot of fun. The scouts collectively earned over 50 merit badges and 11 rank advancements while at camp. Along the way we had a scout complete the Brown Sea Island experience, had 4 scouts complete COPE, 2 scouts and an adult completed the mile swim. The troop also completed an hour of service at the direction of the OA to improve the camp facilities. A great time was had by all. 

  • Bear Mountain Trip Report

    The return to Bear Mountain saw the Troop continue thier conquests of the highest peaks in the 6 New England States. The Troop started at the Under Mountain Trail head near Salisbury Ct. From there the climb to the Appachlain Trail and Bear Mountains starts immediately. About 2 miles later and 2000 feet later a mix of younger scouts,some on their first scout camping trip ever and other more experienced scouts and leader summitted the Bear Mountain. A scamble down the other side of the peak led them to Sages Ravine and their camp site. They returned back to Under Mountain Trail via the paradise trail. 

  • Delaware River Trip Report

    delaware_river_0022The Delaware River, near Narrowsburg NY, was the site of our spring canoe trip. Base camp was in Narrowsbug NY. We arrived late on Friday and set up camp next to the river. Morning brought a little bit of frost and beautiful views of the river, including a nest of vultures on the far side of the river. What a sight to see them take wing, en mass, and start their daily flight. We were bussed 15 miles up river and put near Chambersburg. A stop for lunch just about Skinners falls and we were off again. A very fun an successful trip!

  • Mt Sunapee Ski Trip Report

    mt_sunapee_0018March saw the troop visit Mt Sunapee in New Hampshire. There was a mix of experienced skiers and riders and some who took lessons to improve their skills. Spring-like conditions dominated the mountain with a heavy morning fog that gave way to sunny skies by the afternnon. A nearby creek next to the campsite provided us a short hike where we concluded our trip with the traditional trip review/feedback session.